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Why is the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows not reporting disk space correctly?

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So, I am creating a dashboard that will report on disk usage of over 75%...

I have deployed the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows to a couple of servers to help get data into CIM format... and save time running down the correct inputs for the perfmon Disk Usage.

Anywho... These servers have two logical disks that are 60 GB a piece.

C: Drive 39.4 / 60 GB = 65.6666...
D: Drive 47.5 /60 GB = 79.1666...

So, 😧 is above 75%, looking directly on the box, but, Splunk is reporting 17.1919... %_Free_Space? That leaves about 3% unaccounted for?

The math doesn't quite add up.

But, when I divide 39.4 by 47.5 it returns .82947.... 1 - .82947 = 17.05 %... not spot on but much closer to the reported percentage?

Any clues where I or the Add-on is going wrong?

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