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Why is a field value which has double quotes getting truncated when writing the search?


The value from the CommandLine field getting truncated.

I am use index search.
index=* source="process" 
| table host CommandLine

The value is truncated in the table result field CommandLine

Input field
CommandLine= "-propertyfile=D:/projects/Testing/properties/perf "-Dtest_jvm_id=002 col 1" -Dbootstrap.folder=D:/projects/Testing/properties"

After search result:
CommandLine= "-propertyfile=D:/projects/Testing/properties/perf "

I need to remove the double quotes from the field like this "-propertyfile=D:/projects/Testing/properties/perf -Dtest_jvm_id=002 col 1-Dbootstrap.folder=D:/projects/Testing/properties"


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It looks like CommandLine has been extracted normally although perhaps not as you had anticipated. Please share your raw event in a code block </> 

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Here is the sample raw text from the commandLine.
<>CommandLine="C:\appserver/java/8.0/bin/java -xxx.install.area=C:\appserver /YYYYYYYYY/properties/perf "-Dxxx_jvm_id=xxx col 12" -DDDDDDD.folder=D:/xxxxxxxx "-Dcolumn_identifier=xxx col 12" C:\appserver\profiles\XXXXX\config XXX WYYYYNxxx01 YYYYYYYYY"</>


I just want to remove the double quotes from the field values. I tried using Replace function, it did not work.

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