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Why does the PDF Exporter work ok on Windows laptop but not while installed on Linux?

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We are trying to use the Smart PDF Exporter to generate pdf reports from our Splunk instance.

When we install the app on Splunk 7.0.4 running on Linux, we are experiencing several issues.

  1. When we add the Smart Export panel to our dashboards, all actions on the dashboard become extremely slow. Things like scrolling down or even clicking save take minutes. Even when the dashboard generates it takes several minutes longer to complete.
  2. The PDF that gets generated is not formatted correctly. It's even worse then the standard Export PDF. I've tried all browsers from Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge and they all look bad.

The instructions say that PhantomJS is only needed to schedule pdf generation. Is that correct or is it also needed in other places depending on the installation?

When I tried to look at the log files suggested in the instructions, they are empty. Is there something that needs to be done to turn on messages getting written to the log files?

Does any one know any other tips to debug this?

I have installed the app on a local instance running Windows and the results were great so I was excited to perhaps be able to generate a pdf that kept the formatting and coloring of the dashboard.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi mhuguenin,
is there any errors on the browser console?
i confirm that no need to install phantomJS if you are not using schduled PDF export.

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