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Why does ps eventtype has no 'report' tag?


I've recently installed Splunk_TA_nix and started using the "ps" script. The data is ingested into my ES. However it is not translated into CIM Endpoint.Processes object, because it lacks "report" tag. 

I know I can add it by crafting my own tags.conf file. However, most of the default configurations in Splunk are configured as they are for some reason. So, what it the reason not to have "report" tag for Linux scripted sourcetypes? Below an example of tags.conf part for ps eventtype stanza:

performance = enabled
cpu = enabled
success = enabled
ps = enabled
oshost = enabled
process = enabled
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I think this has been changed in the recent version only. I see config on Add-on version 8.2.0 which looks good.

@alek_cybersec - I don't know if there is a way to contact Splunk Add-on developers directly. But I think you can contact Splunk support and they'll be able to redirect your question to Add-on developers.


I hope this helps!!!

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@VatsalJagani thanks for hint! I've just downloaded the newest version (which is 8.5.0 as of 2.05.2022). However it still doesn't contain the "report" tag 😞

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