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Why are inputlookup searches resulting in double domain names?

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Hello, I have these weird search results in the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure and Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange where the srcntdomain results in double my domain name. For example, my domain is 'abc' the results for the srcntdomain field are ABC ABC. So I don't know if the inputlookup is causing this or if some ldap.conf file is messed up. specifically, the search is in the Active Directory tab of the Exchange app, then Users, then Anonymous and the search is from the Logons from Multiple Workstations widget/inline search.

Here's the search ...

eventtype=msad-successful-user-logons NOT (user="SYSTEM" OR user="LOCAL SERVICE" OR user="NETWORK SERVICE" OR src_nt_domain="-") (host="*") | lookup SiteInfo host | fields * | search (Logon_Type=2 OR Logon_Type=3 OR Logon_Type=10) src_ip!="-" | join src_ip [|inputlookup tHostInfo | table src_ip,src_host,src_nt_domain] | eval src_host=if(src_ip=="" OR src_ip=="-",upper(host),src_host) | eval src_host=src_nt_domain."\\".src_host | stats dc(src_host) as hostcount,values(src_host) as Workstations by user,src_nt_domain | where hostcount>1 | search user="Wiley_Coyote" | sort user,src_nt_domain

which results in
User = WileyCoyote / srcntdomain = ABC ABC / Hostcount = 2 / Workstations = ABC ABC\RoadRunner and ABC ABC\Bugs_Bunny

The ldap.conf file in the ldapsearch app seems to be configured properly to my domain and alias and baseDN...

Any suggestions?

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Hi There, just as a thought is there any reason the information in the lookup can't be setup as an automatic lookup? Also does the information exist anywhere else within the data to which you are joining the inputlookup to?

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