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Why am I getting "cannot find the factory for this scheme: jsr160rmiconnector" configuring the Splunk Add-on for IBM WAS for Websphere 8.5.5

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I am trying to configure the JMX add on app for my WebSphere Application, but I am getting this error message and not sure on how to resolve it. Please let me know on how to fix this.

For SplunkTAjmx app:
a) Created the Manage JMX Servers: 9810 -> Boot Strap Address of the WebSphere Application server.

Name    Description Connection  Account Interval    App Actions
IISApp01    IISApp01    service:jmx:iiop://<hostname>/jndi/JSR160RMIConnector:iiop:<hostname>:9810/WsnAdminNameService#JSR160RMIConnector   wasadmin        Splunk_TA_jmx   Delete | Edit

b) Added the associated task to the server.

Name    Description Servers Templates   Interval    Index   Source Type App Status  Actions
IIS_AppJMX_01   IIS_AppJMX_01   Splunk_TA_jmx:IISApp01  Splunk_TA_jmx:Predefined_Get_All_Template   60  main    jmx Splunk_TA_jmx   Enabled | Disable   

c) Error Message: the jmx log shows this error and I did try to troubleshoot it, but none of them doesn’t work.

2015-12-16 16:22:06,321 - com.splunk.modinput.ModularInput -720382 [Thread-7] ERROR  - Failed to retrieve RMIServer stub: javax.naming.ConfigurationException: NamingManager.getURLContext cannot find the factory for this scheme: jsr160rmiconnector
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naming convention? firewall?

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