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Why am I getting error "archive contains more than one immediate subdirectory" installing Splunk App for NetApp data ONTAP 2.1.4?



I tried to install the Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP 2.1.4 on Splunk 6.4.4 version.
But I got message:

Invalid app contents: archive contains more than one immediate subdirectory: and SA-Hydra

How can I fix it??


Make sure your archive has parent and child directories

Example: (Content of xyz.tgz or

      |___ default
      |___ metadata
      |___ local
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You can't install this app via the GUI as the tgz file contains multiple apps (dependencies). You'll need to extract the tgz file within /opt/splunk/etc/apps (if not using a cluster) and restart splunk. However, since version 2.1.5, the search head app is now stand alone and can be installed via the GUI. But the Add-on still contains multiple apps and requires manual unpacking.


Same issue was with "Splunk Add-on for VMware". Solved using above method. Thanks

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Same issue for Exchange add-on for Splunk 7.2. Same fix. Thanks.

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