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Why am I getting a high Skipped search ratio on f5 networks analytics (new) Data Models

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I am getting about a 99% skip ratio for f5 data models that do not complete. The searches take quite some time to summarize the datamodels and I need to adjust the settings most likely. What I am concerned about is that this is a prebuilt datamodel for the f5 application and I do not want to modify any of the settings that will conflict with the application.

What can I do to fix this without messing up the application?

The maximum number of concurrent auto-summarization searches on this instance has been reached 624828 97.33 %
The maximum number of concurrent historical scheduled searches on this instance has been reached 17113 2.67 %

I increased the number of searches per core to 4 and I don't have any performance problems with that regard. What settings do I need to change now to help fix this issue?

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Also make sure you define the specific index in the macro "f5_index" in the App.

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I just went through this.

The F5 app accelerates 50 models by default. Make sure you need all of those.

Basically every 5 minutes it is trying to run 3 acceleration searches times 50 models over three month period. That is absurd. I would start by disabling all of them and looking for what data you actually have and/or care about and selectively re-enable them as needed.

Also consider going into advanced acceleration settings and reducing the concurrent acceleration searches to 1 if you need to enable a bunch of these.

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