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Where to create the modular input for Palo Alto Minemeld?

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Hi everybody,

I have a search head cluster and deployed the Palo Alto add-on and app. Some features rely on modular inputs that put data into the KV store, like Autofocus Export and Minemeld. Since I do not have a dedicated search head just for the PA app I have to enable these inputs somehow on a search head. Where in an Search Head Cluster should I do this? Pick one random search head in the cluster? Are there best practices for this?


  • Michael


I am having same problem. I did pick one search head but now i am getting error on "Splunk_TA_paloalto_minemeld_feed.log"

2018-03-13 11:30:50,687 INFO pid=4798 tid=MainThread | Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2018-03-13 11:30:51,633 ERROR pid=4798 tid=MainThread | Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/modinput_wrapper/", line 113, in stream_events
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/modinput_wrapper/", line 152, in parse_input_args
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/modinput_wrapper/", line 171, in _parse_input_args_from_global_config
    ucc_inputs = global_config.inputs.load(input_type=self.input_type)
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunktaucclib/global_config/", line 264, in load
    self._references = Configs(self._splunkd_client, self._schema).load()
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunktaucclib/global_config/", line 355, in load
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunktaucclib/global_config/", line 175, in _load_endpoint
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/packages/splunklib/", line 287, in wrapper
    return request_fun(self, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/packages/splunklib/", line 69, in new_f
    val = f(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/packages/splunklib/", line 665, in get
    response = self.http.get(path, self._auth_headers, **query)
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/packages/splunklib/", line 1160, in get
    return self.request(url, { 'method': "GET", 'headers': headers })
  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/packages/splunklib/", line 1221, in request
    raise HTTPError(response)
HTTPError: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error -- {"messages":[{"type":"ERROR","text":"Unexpected error \"<class 'splunktaucclib.rest_handler.error.RestError'>\" from python handler: \"REST Error [500]: Internal Server Error -- Migrating failed. Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunk_aoblib/\", line 18, in handle\n    return func(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunk_aoblib/\", line 70, in _migrate\n    self._migrate_conf_credential()\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunk_aoblib/\", line 160, in _migrate_conf_credential\n    conf_file, stanzas = self._load_conf(conf_file_name)\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/splunk_aoblib/\", line 177, in _load_conf\n    stanzas = conf_file.get_all()\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/\", line 154, in wrapper\n    return func(*args, **kwargs)\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/\", line 236, in get_all\n    key_values = self._decrypt_stanza(name, stanza_mgr.content)\n  File \"/opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_paloalto/bin/splunk_ta_paloalto/solnlib/\", line 121, in _decrypt_stanza\n    self._cred_mgr.get_password(stanza_name))\n  File \"/opt/splunk/lib/python2.7/json/\", line 339, in loads\n    return _default_decoder.decode(s)\n  File \"/opt/splunk/lib/python2.7/json/\", line 364, in decode\n    obj, end = self.raw_decode(s, idx=_w(s, 0).end())\n  File \"/opt/splunk/lib/python2.7/json/\", line 382, in raw_decode\n    raise ValueError(\"No JSON object could be decoded\")\nValueError: No JSON object could be decoded\n\".  See splunkd.log for more details."}]}
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