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Where do I add domain controllers in Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure?


I installed and configured Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure.

With this I install: Splunk Add-on for PowerShell, Splunk Supporting Add-on for Active Directory (and configure it "Connection test for default succeeded"), Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Active Directory, Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows DNS, Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows.

When I configure it and I complete all requirements I see only one server (self Splunk) but I don't see any domain controllers.

Where I must add domain controllers?


Splunk v6.6.0+
OK: Splunk v7.1.3 detected
OK: Key value store is enabled. Learn more.

Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows v4.8.3 or 4.8.4
OK: Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows v4.8.4 detected

Splunk Supporting Add-on for Microsoft Windows Active Directory v2.1.7
OK: Splunk Supporting Add-on for Microsoft Windows Active Directory v2.1.7 detected

Users and/or groups configured with the winfra-admin user role:

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I think that problem with powershell module.
I have indexes (msad, perfmon, ...). I have sourcetypes (MSAD:NT6:..., Perfmon:..., ... )
And in sourcetype="Powershell:ScriptExecutionSummary" I have errors:
Exception="Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException: Не удалось найти сервер каталогов с удостоверением: "SPLUNK-01".

Splunk try connect to self as to DC, but it no DC... How I can configure real DC for connection?

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are you bringing data from your domain controllers and other windows hosts?

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yes. But when I open predefined dashboards, such as users reports: disabled I can't select domain.
Or in other reports, where I must select domain, site, controllers - this dropdowns is empty.

I think that splunk try to read domain info from splunk server, but not from real DC.

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