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When will be able to migrate to Splunk v8 with Splunk Add-on for NetApp Data ONTAP


We are currently preforming pre-migration tasks to slowly migrate our enviroment to Splunk Enterprise v8 after 8.0.1 will be published.

We are monitoring our NetApp storage and VMware. After upgrading datacollection nodes to Splunk 7.3.3 (as a suggested step before migrating to Splunk v8), it was time to upgrade TA's for VMware and NetApp. The data collection node part was OK, the problem is SA-Hydra technology add-on if you want to run both schedulers (VMware and NetApp) at the same instance. SA-Hydra in VMware package has a version 4.1.0, but the NetApp package has 4.0.9. Resulting that the configuration screen for NetApp doesn't work if you use VMware's SA-Hydra and vice versa.

Is there any information from Splunk when will the new version of Splunk Add-on for NetApp Data ONTAP be available, being compatible with Splunk Add-on for VMware and also Splunk v8 ready?


Not a direct fix for your issue, however, possibly a workaround. Sounds like you are having a collision between the version of VMware and NetApp technical addons on the same heavy forwarder? Assuming you are running on Linux you can stack multiple instances of Splunk and just offset the port numbers. Most of my heavy forwarder servers have 2-5 Splunk heavy forwarder instances hosting different tecnical addons to limit blast radius due to upgrades and different version requirements, etc. I have DB connect hosted by itself and the Splunk addon for AWS hosted by itself. I tend to group smaller, less important and/or similar apps together such as Web URL or API checking addons. Anything more important, needing more resources, or that has special requirements, I host in its own instance.

I run my heavy forwarders in a directory structure like the following with offset ports.
/opt/spl/hf01/splunk port 8000/8089 (netapp here)
/opt/spl/hf02/splunk port 8001/8090 (vmware here)
/opt/spl/hf03/splunk port 8002/8091 (one more addons here)
/opt/spl/hf04/splunk port 8003/8092 (one ore more addons here)

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