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What are the benefits of using Splunk app for Salesforce?


Here is a very generic question and can be related any CRM use case.
I was thinking about the scenarios in which CRM logs can be used, for example when I look at Salesforce app, it mostly has information about dashboard performance and stats, login stats, reports downloaded etc..

What are the use cases derived from these dashboards?

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Re: What are the benefits of using Splunk app for Salesforce?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The Splunk App for Salesforce uses data from the "Salesforce Event Log File API" to build some starter dashboards. These starter dashboards can be built upon if required.

Using the Salesforce Event Log File data here are some example questions you could ask of the data -

  • Do I have any slow performing apex pages that are impacting my salesforce users? (need to redevelop custom salesforce work)
  • What is the uptake for any new functionality (reports/dashboards) added to salesforce? (is new functionality added useful)
  • Do I have users logging in from unusual locations? (potential security threat)
  • Do I have people attempting brute force attacks into salesforce? (potential security threat)
  • Do I have users exporting lots of data from the salesforce? (user taking sensitive information )
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