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Website Monitoring App stops the splunk service


Hi All,

I am using Website Monitoring in one of our HF.But whenever i run sourcetype=web_ping query in the search bar, splunk PID's increases suddently and it stops the splunk service on HF. Please suggest me where am i going wrong/Help me to fix the issue

We are monitoring around 114 URL's with below sample of inputs.conf

interval = 2m
title = SOMAN
url =
user_agent = Splunk Website Monitoring (+
configuration = default


max_response_body_length = 1000
proxy_port = 312
proxy_server = proxy.conexus.svc.local
proxy_type = http
thread_limit = 100


ERROR [618cf90fac7eff7b2b1290] config:146 - [HTTP 401] Client is not authenticated
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/app/splunk/splunk/lib/python3.7/site-packages/splunk/appserver/mrsparkle/lib/", line 144, in getServerZoneInfoNoMem
return times.getServerZoneinfo()
File "/opt/app/splunk/splunk/lib/python3.7/site-packages/splunk/appserver/mrsparkle/lib/", line 163, in getServerZoneinfo
serverStatus, serverResp ='/search/timeparser/tz', sessionKey=sessionKey)
File "/opt/app/splunk/splunk/lib/python3.7/site-packages/splunk/rest/", line 553, in simpleRequest
raise splunk.AuthenticationFailed
splunk.AuthenticationFailed: [HTTP 401] Client is not authenticated


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Any help on this please 😕

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I don't know this app but the logs clearly say that you're trying to push HTTP request with no/wrong authentication.

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Does anyone know how to determine the App/TA that is calling this?

 I had the Zscaler App and TA installed on my test instance and it was throwing an incredible # of errors.  I uninstalled both (zscalersplunkapp, TA-Zscaler_CIM) an these errors disappeared, but I'd like to know how to trace this to the caller instead of removing apps one by one.


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Are you sure it's a follow-up to the original post?

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