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WebTools AddOn: Curl '401 - Forbidden' - ntlm not implemented?


Hey there,

we've worked out the reason why our attempts to GET some data (in this case, from a Sharepoint Server) using your awesome addon always gave us a 401.
Using the vanilla curl version of the command from $bash on our server, we'd also get a 401 when not providing the --ntlm option, but getting a valid response when adding it:

curl --ntlm -u DOMAIN/USER:PASSWORD "'GUID-OF-OUR-LIST')/items?$select='ID,FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3'" -H 'accept: application/json'

Is there a way to have your addon provide this option?

Otherwise we'd be stuck with taking the long route, i.e. using a script that'd create a file which we'd then index to process it from there...

Thanks and Best Regards,

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Does anyone have an idea or has tried this as well? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Best regards

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