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Water Gauge visualization Drilldown??

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Hi Splunkers,

I just wanted to implement a very simple example but it turned out to be not so simple.

Instead of the single value panel, I wanted to show a Water Gauge visualisation but I can't seem to find a way to put a drilldown with it. I am using a inpage drilldown with a single value which just works fine but unable to find any drilldown setting with the water gauge.

Can someone help me with this?

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Re: Water Gauge visualization Drilldown??

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Thanks for your reply @harishalipaka but I've already seen the click events. I've tried drilldown=all option as well with it with no luck.

Any other pointers please?

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Re: Water Gauge visualization Drilldown??


@rahul_jasrotia, Most custom visualizations do not have drilldown event associated with them. So, you will have to write your own JavaScript. You can do this using Javascript extension to simple XML. (Refer to answer from @gwobben

Following is an example which opens a new URL ( on clicking the Water Gauge Custom visualization. You can point to your own dashboard or report if you need.

Step 1: Provide an ID to the panel with Water Gauge in it. I have used waterGauge1 in this example

      <viz id="waterGauge1" type="cuviz_water_gauge.water_gauge">

Step 2: Create a JavaScript (watergaugedrilldown.js in this example) with drilldown, by handling the click event.

var components = [

 // Require the components
 require(components, function(
 ) {

     $('#waterGauge1').click(function() {
                   '_blank' // <- Open target in a new window.

Step 3: Load the JavaScript in your Dashboard/Form's root node(depending on what you have).

<dashboard script="water_gauge_drilldown.js">


<form script="water_gauge_drilldown.js">

Step 4: You might need to Restart Splunk and clear your browser history for the JavaScript code to be picked up in your dashboard.

| eval message="Happy Splunking!!!"

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