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Hello there,
I'm trying to integrate VMAX with Splunk at the moment but something weird is happening.

At some point according to docs (VMAX for Splunk Sizer), you should navigate to the VMAX TA folder containing the sizer script and configuration file which is .../etc/apps/TA-DellEMC-VMAX/bin/sizer to edit the following file vmax_splunk_sizer_config.ini

But theres no sizer folder nor configuration file when you download the add-on.

Any clues?

Kind regards,

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Hi Alemarzu,

Can you give some further information on your environment?

  • What platform are you running Splunk on
  • What Splunk version you are using
  • What version of the add-on are you using
  • Is the add-on working to collect metrics and you are only having issues with the sizer tool


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