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Upgraded to Splunk 6.1 and Splunk App for PCI Compliance 2.1: Why is PCI app not working properly now?


PS came and upgraded to Splunk 6.1 (.3 I think) and all worked fine. Then upgraded to the newest PCI App 2.?? and now the incident Reviews return an error. Anyone else see this?

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I did the same thing.... upgraded to Ver 6.1.3, then upgraded the PCI app from 2.0 to 2.1...

I ran into a bunch of errors, specifically that the Incident Review panel returned errors.

After working with Support for two or three days, the best answer ended up being making a copy of the appropriate "local" settings and lookup folders, and doing a clean install of PCI 2.1.

This was not fixing the errors, but installing clean so that there were no errors.

Remember to make copies of the lookups that had grown with site specific data.

Recommend consulting Support for guidance on this.

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Could you let me know what the error is that you are seeing?

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