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Upgrade to 4.3.2 breaks license saved search

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I use a small saved search for reporting when I have a license violation problem:

index=_internal source=*license_usage.log | eval GB=b/1024/1024 | stats sum(GB) by pool, 
date_mday, date_month | eval used='sum(GB)' | search used>1000 | sort date_month, date_mday 
| table date_month, date_mday, used

Since I upgraded to 4.3.2 this has been reporting wildly inaccurate results, including today (1073 megabytes, when we have only used under 250). Is there anything I need to do to update this query for use with the new version?

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I am having the same issue! Since updateing to 4.3.2 the license search doens't work. I recognized that the fields pool in index=_internal is not longer availible.

Doens anyone know where I can find the license usage informations since 4.3.2?

Thank you

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