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Unable to create inputs for TA-Tenable add on

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I am trying to set up inputs on TA-Tenable add on and it fails with error "Argument validation for scheme=tenable_securitycenter: script running failed (killed by signal 9: Killed).". I installed "Tenable add-on for Splunk" version 3.1.0 on one of our heavy forwarder.

Anyone have any suggestions what could be wrong here?

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try creating account and inputs from cli:


address =
proxy_enabled = 0
tenable_account_type = tenable_securitycenter_api_keys
tenable_sc_access_key = <access_key>
tenable_sc_secret_key = <secret_key>
verify_ssl = 0



fixed_vulnerability = 1
global_account = credentials
index = <your_index_name>
interval = 86400
start_time = 2022-01-03T00:00:00Z
sync_plugins = 1
disabled = 0
max_event_size = 67108864
page_size = 1000

Note: don't forget to change access_key,secret_key and your_index_name 

If this helps, give a like below.
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This issue is usually due to latency issue with the network or HF. The workaround is to manually add the inputs by configuring the inputs.conf,  passwords.conf, ta_tenable_account.conf and the ta_tenable_settings.conf files. The password will be hashed after Splunk is restarted.

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If you are running on windows you may have to try a few times. We've found this to be extremely slow even on a clean install. Please feel free to open a support case with Tenable to help trackdown and resolve this.

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I am running this on a Linux box 😞

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Did you figure out the culprit, or how to increase the timeout?

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