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Unable to connect Splunk MINT with JIRA Cloud

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I'm trying to integrate Splunk MINT with JIRA Cloud instance, however, whatever I tried I keep getting this error "Wrong credentials. Please try again"

I have read the documentation thoroughly. Link:

I have the following observations:

1 - The documentation is not very clear whether it supports JIRA Cloud instances or not.

2 - The documentation is not clear whether user emails (the main form of login to JIRA cloud) can be used instead of usernames. It's worth noting that JIRA Cloud no longer has usernames for users. Link:

3 - There is also now API tokens that can be generated on JIRA Link:

4 - The documentation is also not clear on what the format of the JIRA URL should be. i.e. should it be "" or "" or sth else.

Please help me connect Splunk MINT to our JIRA cloud instance.

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