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Unable to connect Splunk DB Connect and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Database using Oracle Wallet

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I've spun an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Database on Oracle Cloud. I have downloaded an Instance Wallet and am trying to create a connection string using the Oracle wallet.

Splunk Enterprise: 7.1.4
DB Connect Version: 3.1.4
OJDBC driver version: 12.2

I've tried following the steps for 'Connect Splunk DB Connect to Oracle Wallet environments using ojdbc8 on Splunk's Troubleshooting docs and have returned an error:

IO Error: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure, connect lapse 6 ms., Authentication lapse 0 ms.

I have tried creating the connection string as defined in 'Using a JDBC Connection with 18.3 JDBC Driver' in Oracle's docs e.g.
but returns an error message about invalid format that it should include "host:port:sid"

Even with using the template of:

The error message is:
IO Error: Got minus one from a read call, connect lapse 4 ms., Authentication lapse 0 ms.

As it is an Oracle Autonomous Database, i am unable to stop/start the listener and change the sqllistener.ora to include:
tcp.validnode_checking = no

I have the wallet in the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps and downloaded the full-ojdbc 8 package in which the ojdbc8.jar driver is in 'splunk_app_db_connect/drivers' directory and everything else is inside 'splunk_app_db_connect/drivers/ojdbc8-libs'

I am able to connect to the Oracle database using SQL Developer (using the Wallet) where I was able to create an account and table.
I have telnet the port and host to verify that the port is not blocked.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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