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Trying to query hadoop but no data or irrelevant results are being returned


So our main index is our actual index and index_archive is the virtual index that is querying hadoop. When I query only the main index, we get results, but none from our virtual index.

index=main OR index=mainarchive
| search (NOT "exampleExlude" NOT oauth
clientname=example-productionname )
| where isnotnull(ip

| eval source= mvindex(fwd
list, 0)
| eval fwdlist = split(ipforwardedfor, ",")
| table _time, user, source, authorization
description, authorizationsuccess, useragent, method, path
| sort _time asc

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First, at the very least, there is something odd about that code. Did you accidentally copy lines 5 and 6 in reverse order? Here is what I would expect to be the correct order, with the most efficient search usage...

(index=main OR index=main_archive)  user=exampleuser ip_forwarded_for=* 
( NOT oauth_client_name=example-productionname) (NOT "exampleExclude")
| eval source= mvindex(split(ip_forwarded_for,","),0) 
| table _time, user, source, authorization_description, authorization_success, user_agent, method, path 
| sort _time asc

Second, exactly how are the fields ipforwardedfor and oauth_client_name created? Certain extractions are not available in Hunk virtual indexes. They don't sound like they would apply to those fields, but I'd check that before spending too much time on anything else.

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