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Trying to connect to sybase db.



I'm trying to connect to a sybase data source but DBX v2 is saying it doesn't have the driver. A search says I need to download jconn(n).jar and install it but I can't find the file anywahere that doesn't require a login. Can anyone point me at a copy of the required file I wonder? Don't know why it's not there in the first place if Splunk says it's supported. Same thing happened for jtds.

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To answer your question: "Don't know why it's not there in the first place if Splunk says it's supported"

DBConnect leverages the JDBC API to talk to Databases. This API is standardized, however every Database vendor creates, maintains, and more importantly in this case licenses their JDBC Driver used to translate from the API to actual interactions with their own database.

  1. Splunk will test and support certain databases, but likely will not have the rights to redistribute proprietary software, that's on you, who has licensed the databases you are using from the companies who produce them. (Such agreements for proprietary databases would likely come with massive costs to Splunk).
  2. While Splunk would test many different databases with their product, most people will use only one or two different kinds of databases, thus shipping all of the supported JDBC drivers would bloat the size of DBX unnecessarily for most people. Very few would need all the drivers. (not to mention all the versions of all the drivers, there sometimes can be an interesting matrix of which JDBC driver you need to connect to which version of each database for what features... cough cough Oracle cough cough)
  3. Not to mention bugs happen. That would be a massive investment of time to repackage and re-ship all of the database drivers each time there is a bug that might impact someone. It's less time for Splunk to have you take responsibility for staying on top of the issues with the Databases you choose to run in your environment, and which driver bugs you would encounter with your data and access patterns.

Hopefully this helps you understand some reasons why it's better to not ship JDBC drivers with DBConnect.


I had to get someone with an SAP account to download it for us in the end.

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Hi. Thanks for the response but that page is my problem. It tells you to log in to to get the file and you need a sap contract number to be able to do that.

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