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Time bar missing in area chart in Splunk® Dashboards App

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I have created a dashboard using Splunk® Dashboards App. Multiple area and line charts were created but none of them shows the time in X Axis.

I can change the X Axis Title to "Time" but the bar does not show the time spans, so I have to guess when event was triggered. Only if I use a drilldown and jump into search-app I can see the time bar.

No specific options were used that hide the X Axis.

An example code of an area chart is the following:


   "type": "viz.area",
   "options": {
   "axisTitleX.text": "Time",
   "legent.placement": "bottom"
   "dataSources": {
         "primary": "ds_EffgdHH7"


Any idea if I am missing something?

Thanks in advance.


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