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TA-XD7-VDA ICA Session performance data is not getting captured,We have installed TA-XD7-VDA version 1.0.0. Citrix user ICA latency and End to end latency Reports are not reporting any data.

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We have installed v1.0.0 and End to End Latency and Citrix ICA latency dashboards are showing any data. The search string for both of the dashboards are looking at index XD_perfmon_index source type is "PerfmonMk:ICASession".

xd_perfmon_index sourcetype="PerfmonMk:ICASession"

How can we check whether any data is being transferring to forwarder or not. If so, why it is not showing in the dashboard.

interval = 60
object = ICA Session
counters = *
instances = *
index = xd_perfmon
disabled = 0
mode = multikv

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We found the issue. This is an issue with ICA session performance counters not reporting data because of the VDA update. Issue and resolution details are already available in Citrix support article.

We have followed the instructions mentioned and we can now see the ICA latency data.

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