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TA PRTG api call via search head issue


Good morning all,

I'm having a complete nightmare with the TA PRTG app deployment! I've deployed to our Dev env (enterprise v7.2) and configured it to connect to our Prod and Failover PRTG front end with no issues at all. I know from the release notes that the 'only' element that requires changing is creating the local dir and moving the prtg.conf file out of default and into the newly created dir, then define your server, protocal, username and password. I have done so and it works a charm.

However, I CANNOT get this to work on our prod enterprise search head! Configuration of the app matches dev, permissions are correct locally and the enterprise version is at 7.3 which although slightly newer, should work. Essentially it instals, runs, but won't return any data from the script. The inventory loads, which is calling, so I know that permissions or the mechanism of calling the scripts is working - but it's the live data i'm interested in!

I have even deployed the app to our 3 x indexers and all worked as expected, polling the prtg api and returning the sensor state and varying alarms. The indexers are non-clustered. Would anyone perhaps be able to assist me in understanding why on earth the search head does not seem to like calling this from within the app??! I've even verified that the scripture url it's calling is correct (url=PROTOCOL+"://"+SERVER+"/api/getstatus.htm") in as much it is touching https://appsmon/api/getstatus.htm?id=0 - which shows all the correct information. I'm at a complete loss and would really value your help everyone!


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Any thoughts anyone? If I had hair, I'd be pulling it out!

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