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Splunk use cases for pure Infrastructure monitoring and data analytics


Hi Experts,

I want to let the management know about the use cases of Splunk for purely Infrastructure monitoring and data analysis. I want to create a list of user cases to show it to management. We have our intranet site which integrates various internal applications like HR management, Appraisal management, business applications, other employees related applications. Our environment contains apache, weblogic, oracle, AD, vmware, cloud. We have most of the things implemented, but before that I want to generate a use cases of Splunk for data analysis and operational intelligence. I need some inputs and suggestions for creating the list of use case scenarios. kindly help in this regard.


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The scope of "data analysis and operational intelligence" is huge -- too huge to provide much helpful information without better understanding your needs.

What specific problems do you want to solve? What questions do you think Splunk might help you answer?

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Hi Joe,

Actually I want to create a business case for why splunk is required and its advantages for management like:

  1. Availability dashboards for management.
  2. capacity dashboards for management
  3. Analyzing issues end to end from Web layer to OS layer for faster troubleshooting.
  4. We have various other vendor tools for log management in unix, linux, windows, vmware, firewall, network etc. What splunk can give in comparison to these tools?

I hope you understood. In short use case or business case to justify Splunk. Do you have any template for creating use case ?


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