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Splunk to AppDynamics bi-directional: How do we get the button "Search in AppDynamics" to display under Event Actions?


Hi Team,

We did Splunk and AppDynamics integration successfully, but we are unable to get the button which leads user from Splunk to the AppDynamics.
alt text

From the diagram above, we should get a "search in AppDynamics" option.

Could you please guide me how to get this button to display?

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Hi please help me in integration the splunk with appdynamics.. What is required and what are challenges.. Any document if you can provide for the same

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Dear @splunk24,

please follow the documentation present here.

please feel free to ask any challenges.


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Hi srisahitya_v,

Cross-launching from Splunk to AppDynamics is only applicable for events and health-rule violations sent from AppDynamics to Splunk via the Splunk alerting extension.

Not sure why the following section got deleted from the documentation:

Custom Notifications in AppDynamics

Use the AppDynamics Controller UI to configure the custom actions notify-splunk-of-event and notify-splunk-of-policy-violation in the Global Notifications and Policy Notifications screens. Details are available in Configure Custom Notifications (login required).

  1. Add the following field extraction section to your $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/default/props.conf file:


    EXTRACT-AppD = url="http[s]*://(?[^"|]+)"

  2. Add the following workflow action to your $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/default/workflow_actions.conf file:


    display_location = both

    fields = url

    label = Launch in AppDynamics

    link.method = get = blank

    link.uri = http://$!nurl$

    type = link

Meanwhile, while I investigate the documentation issue, please follow the above instructions which are also available here:


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