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Splunk for NetApp - [search `SystemHostname("$name$")`] and few more functions are not working


I have installed the splunk app for Netapp to monitor Netapp cluster-mode servers. (6.0.1)

I have added my cluster-mode system to the app. For this cluster-mode, no data is shown up in the netapp app UI. All the pages are shown blank with no data. When I do the individual search
using index = ontap source="cluster-node-get-iter", I am able to see all the data.

Also, in proactive monitoring -> Cluster view screen, if I change the search string
from [search SystemHostname("$name$")] to index = ontap host = $name$ it works fine.
I suspect some problem in these functions. Can someone please get back whether it is a product
problem or my environment problem.


[search SystemHostname("$name$")] source="cluster-node-get-iter" | stats dc(node-name) as num_nodes



Double-check your Splunk role membership for the user who is doing the searching. Check out the install docs which mention the ontap_admin and ontap_user roles. Putting the user account in one of these roles should fix the issue you are seeing.

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