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Splunk for F5 Networks - Is an AFM License Required


I really would like to start pushing my F5 logs (both GTM and LTM) into Splunk and I am happy to see there is "Splunk for F5 Networks"...however, the Doc that accompanies the app is all about setting up logging for the "Advanced Firewall Manager"...which I do not have.

Is "Splunk for F5 Networks" still useful for only LTM and GTM logs, and is there some documentation for configuring it?

I have seen this question on the user forums, but I have not yet seen an answer

I have asked this question on the general "Splunk>Answers" site and got no response (neither did another person who asked the same question). So, I asked Splunk Support and they directed me here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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To report on Traffic and Rule hits (Items underneath App Delivery Firewall) features are licensed in AFM.

The pool stats come from BIG-IP system logs.

The Web Access Stats come from the included iRule .

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