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Splunk app for EMC Isilon for system auditing: How to configure the app to collect syslog server data?

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I am new to Splunk and try to do my first steps integrating this app into our Isilon demo environment. My indexer server runs on Windows 2008 and I am not sure if I need to install a syslog server on this server, or if the Splunk indexer server has this function integrated already? If the installation of syslog is needed, is there an advice which product is best for such an environment?

Because I didn't find any further configuration options, I am not sure how to point the app to the syslog server data. Or does the app also listen on port 514 to capture the data?

Sorry for the beginner questions and thanks for the kind support.


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You may want to consider using this app & to get you going.

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