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Splunk TA for Suricata: Error in props.conf ?

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There seems to be an error in props.conf:

FIELDALIAS-suricata_dns = AS transaction_id dns.rcode AS reply_code dns.rdata AS answer dns.rdata AS dest dns.rrname AS query dns.ttl AS ttl dns.tx_id AS tx_id dns.type AS message_type

There is an extra alias for dns.rdata (dns.rdata AS dest ).
There is a alias for dest_ip earlier in the file:

FIELDALIAS-suricata_global = proto AS transport src_ip AS src dest_ip AS dest

I'm unsure if it has any effect, seems like dest is ip's only, anf easily fixed by ovveriding in local.
Still, it might be worh changing the next version.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Thanks, I'll make a correction, it should be set to answer only, will adjust in the next version.

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