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Splunk OneshotSearch takes more time in Java SDK


I have a requirement, whereI have to call Splunk search queries using java SDK.
I am using service.oneshotSearch(searchQuery, oneshotSearchArgs);
and ResultsReaderJson to read the json data.
However it takes more than 5 minutes to get the data from Splunk and it takes 10 sec to retrieve the data using splunk UI.
My search query returns around 90 records as result.
Can you please help me here to understand whats wrong?
Sample code
Args oneshotSearchArgs = new Args();
oneshotSearchArgs.put(SearchMode.OUTPUT_MODE.getMode(), OutputMode.JSON);
oneshotSearchArgs.put("count", 0);
inputstream is = service.oneshotSearch("myquery here", oneshotSearchArgs);
//this line takes morethan 5 minutes to execute
ResultsReaderJson resultsReader = new ResultsReaderJson(run);

Appreciate a quick help here.

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Hi spadhi,

I am also facing the same issue, did any solution resolved this? if so please help me.


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