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Splunk + MS SCOM addon. How to filter out or limit requests to Scom

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As default configuration, addon for MS SCOM ingest all objects from defined group from SCOM database.
For group internal i have more than 30000 objects from SCOM. To ingest this data into SCOM it takes almost 10 minutes and 95% of objects i don't need it.
Is there any possibility to limit request which is sending to SCOM? For example to put some filter into the request like below?

get-scomclass | ?{$.name -like 'DataONTAP.Cluster.NodeVserver.Aggregate' -or $.name -like 'DataONTAP.Cluster.DataVserver.Volume'} | Get-SCOMClassInstance

example of config of input file
index = demo
schedule = 0 */10 * ? * *
script = & "$SplunkHome\etc\apps\Splunk_TA_microsoft-scom\bin\scom_command_loader.ps1" -groups "internal" -server demo_server

thanks for any clue

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You could try editing the Powershell script that the SCOM Add on runs or as an alternative you could pull SCOM data from it's MS SQL DB into Splunk via DB Connect. I'm personally using the SCOM Add-on, but I don't have the same restraints on limiting how much pulls into Splunk.

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