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Splunk MINT: Why am I unable to "CREATE NEW PROJECT" and receiving error for "USERS" as "no found"?

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I'm using Splunk Enterprise 6.5.4 and Splunk MINT 2.2.
My iOS SDK is ready, and I post data to MINT Data Collector. It's working. I can find data from MINT Management Console.

The Splunk MINT Add-on can use MINT Data Collector get some data, but the Splunk MINT App is not work. I can't "CREATE NEW PROJECT", and "USERS " is "no found".
How can I do? Please help me!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Please see MINT Docs for step-by-step instructions. We do see data at MINT Management Console (where you can add new projects) for Android but not for iOS. Please add your project at MINT Management Console (, use the app to generate data, then data should appear in Splunk Enterprise if you've followed all setup steps.

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