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Is this product separate and apart from Splunk core? Is this not available as an add-on for Splunk?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is a separate product that you cannot install onto a system that already has Splunk Enterprise installed. See System requirements for Splunk Insights for Infrastructure in the SII Installation and Administration guide.

There is also a Splunk App for Infrastructure, which is the Splunk Enterprise version of the Insights product, for existing Splunk Enterprise customers. See Install and administer the Splunk App for Infrastructure in the same manual.


@Kendo213 Could you please post the link/snapshot or more context to what you are referring to?
If this is for Splunk Insights for Infrastructure Monitoring then it is an App for Splunk with 200GB data license for free. It does not require separate Splunk Enterprise License:

You should contact Splunk Sales Team or Splunk Authorized Channel Partner for further details on licensing and pricing.

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