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Splunk/Hunk versus Platfora

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We wonder where Splunk/Hunk stands out when compared with Platfora. Any thoughts?

Platfora is very interesting as, among other things, it uses Spark and they say at Spark Rising -

At Platfora, we’ve found ways to push MapReduce hard, and natively woven it into our scale-out in-memory processing model with a very unique closed-loop architecture.

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I had a read through the Hunk material here:

I have to hand it to Platfora, their marketing nonsense sounds much more fun than Hunk. Hunk says stuff like :

Quickly create and share charts, graphs and dashboards

YAWN. Platfora has stuff like this:

Platfora natively leverages the deep processing, scalability, and limitless data storage of Hadoop and combines it with a scale-out in-memory data processing engine to make access extremely fast across infinite nodes.


Splunk - you better get your act together !

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You are absolutely right - a bit lame... ; - )

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I want infinite inodes!

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