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Splunk Db connect app running on Windows with python3 is not working

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Hi Splunkers,
We have the following environment:
• Splunk - 8.0.0
• OS – Windows server 2016
• Splunk db_connect_app – 3.2.0/3.3.1
• Python – python3
• Jre – 1.8
NOTE: Machine has timezone variable set (TZ)
With the above configurations splunk db_connect_app throws exception on the UI as “Not able to communicate with task server” and this is due to the fact that dbx_logging throws an exception while calling this line “os.unsetenv(‘TZ’)” and the exception is as follows:
“module ‘os’ has no attribute ‘unsetenv’”
After looking at python3 sdk, we found unsetenv method is not present in the os module. This particular piece of code has to be replaced by os.putenv(‘TZ’, None), when running with python3
Please let us know, if this is an issue or there is some work around. But we can not unset ‘TZ’ as a work around and we can not degrade python3 to python2


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I've managed to fix it, by changing TZ to our local timezone in dbx_logging

From this:


if os.getenv('TZ'):


To this:


if os.getenv('TZ'):
    os.putenv('TZ', 'Europe/Ljubljana')



It should work until app is upgraded... 🙂 Thanks for this question, it directed me towards solution.

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We are also struggling with this issue. Did you already found a solution?

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