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Splunk DB Connect: What does the "host" field mean in dbmon-dump stanza?

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I am studying our Splunk configuration and I found the following stanza on our Splunk indexer. Can you please help me understand what does the host field indicate here? Note that 'host' value is different than indexer. It's the value of one of hosts in the same subnet with the universal forwarder. Also, we have all DB details in database.conf under /etc/apps/dbx/local/

host =
index = main
output.format = kv
output.timestamp = 1
sourcetype = mysourcetype
interval = 3600

Does that mean the dbmon-dump query will actually run on 'host'? Who will run that? Splunk Forwarder on 'host'?

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The dbmon dump will run on the Indexer (server which has the configuration inputs.conf), execute the query your specified, and attach the host metadata field as the value specified in the configuration inputs.conf and store in Splunk. You're basically overriding the host name, which will default to the server (indexer here) where the dbmon query is running. In general, the host name you specified will be the name of the database server.

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