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Splunk DB Connect 2: Why am I getting "Validation error: jdbcUrlFormat is a mandatory parameter for the database connection."?

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I am trying to integrate Splunk DB Connect 2 (Latest), after putting the following settings in “db_connection_types.conf” local file

displayName = MongoDB
jdbcDriverClass = mongodb.jdbc.MongoDriver
connectionUrlFormat = jdbc:mongo://{0}:{1}/{2}
testQuery = SELECT 1

displayName = Unity
jdbcDriverClass = unity.jdbc.UnityDriver
connectionUrlFormat = jdbc:unity://{0}
testQuery = SELECT 1 

I get this message on the connection UI page while validating MongoDB JDBC driver (third party):

jdbcUrlFormat is a mandatory parameter for the database connection.

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There were some changes to the format of the db_connection_types.conf.

Specfically 'connectionUrlFormat' changed to 'jbdcUrlFormat' and 'defaultport' to 'port'

for your case:
connectionUrlFormat = jdbc:mongo://< host>:< port>;databaseName=< database >

jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:whateverDB://< host>:< port>;databaseName=< database>

jdbcUrlSSLFormat = jdbc:whateverDB://< host>:< port>;databaseName=< database>whatever SSL conn string you use
port = 5432
serviceClass = com.splunk.dbx2.MSSQLJDBC

You also might need 'serviceClass', it was needed for MS SQL, not sure about Mongo/others.

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