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Splunk DB Connect 2: How to only collect new rows since the last update?

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In DB Connect, I only want to collect the new rows since the last update. Now each time it collects the last 1000 records because that is the Max Rows to Retrieve.

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This is generally done by using Rising Column. I see that you have configured BOTH tail_rising_column_name and tail_rising_column_number which may be your problem (if they are not the same and splunk is giving the wrong one precedence). I would delete one of those settings and make sure that the other one is correctly pointing to a value that rises with time (such as an epoch timestamp).

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this is my inputs.conf

connection = opentunnel_acc
index = acc_opentunnel_db
interval = 150
max_rows = 10
mode = tail
output_timestamp_format = epoch
source = /opt/splunk/var/log/splunk/acc_opentunnel_db.log
sourcetype = acc_opentunnel_db
tail_follow_only = 1
tail_rising_column_name = TUNNEL_ENTRY_TS
tail_rising_column_number = 1
ui_query_catalog = NULL
ui_query_mode = advanced
ui_query_schema = OPENTUNNEL_RUNTIME
ui_query_table = METRICS
tail_rising_column_checkpoint_value = 1443682436344
input_timestamp_column_name = TUNNEL_ENTRY_TS
input_timestamp_column_number = 17

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