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I am a horrible person: I use Windows, and know next to nothing about Linux. Please take a moment to judge me.

Now, on to the question: I have a dashboard in a lower environment that I would like to make into an app in our (cloud-based - CLOUD-BASED, mind you) production environment. Rightly so, the files that make up this application need to be uploaded so they can be validated. I thoroughly understand this necessity, and don't begrudge Splunk wanting to keep things safe. I really do want to comply.

The only thing currently failing is file permissions, which I can't modify to compliance in Windows.

I have been forced to grow as a person on this journey: I downloaded Vagrant and Virtual Box and have now SSH'd into the resulting Linux box. I put the folder (containing other folders) that comprise my application's files into the common directory (in my case, C:\Program Files\cmder) for my computer and the virtual Linux box.

I learned Linux commands! 'chmod' to alter the file permissions (see below, and note that this verbose response does list all files/folders, I just didn't want to bore anyone - everything is switched to 644):

mode of ‘customer_service/bin’ changed from 0777 (rwxrwxrwx) to 0644 (rw-r--r--)

... and 'tar' to zip it up! I still resent the command line, and laugh at how much of an argument Linux users can get into when someone asks how to recursively modify permissions on a directory - but hey, based on what I see in the Linux 'user interface', all of the files permissions are set and the file is zipped.

I jump over to Windows, visit the upload page, and navigate to the .tar.gz file and then upload it. Then I wait with breathless anticipation, because SURELY THIS TIME IT WILL WORK:

This file has execute permissions for owners, groups, or others. File: default/app.conf File: default/app.conf

I receive this message for each file in the directory. Can anyone explain this away? Is it evil Bill Gates jumping in to mess with file permissions when I browse to the .tar.gz file? Am I just another victim of the Windows conspiracy? How will we defeat the evil empire? Is there a Linux command that will let the file remain chaste and pure so I can upload it without exposing it to this horrible, evil experience? Do we have any hope at all for our future?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I imagine this is way too late to help you, but may be for other stumbling onto this post - splunk has an inbuilt package command:

splunk package app your_app_name

The app must be in the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps folder of the splunk instance you run the command on, and will output to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/static/app-packages

Using this command should strip out any unwanted/unneeded OS level permissions and allow you to upload the app to Splunk Cloud.

Some further details (not specific to the Splunk Cloud "Upload Apps" function):

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@eavent_splunk I might be too late to reply to this post.

But where should we run the command ? under bin folder or under splunk home

Cause I am getting error, 

Could not look up Home Variable Auth Token cannot be cached.

I am doing it from Deployment server, executing command under config explorer

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