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Splunk App for VMware: Why is there no "Fix" button under Settings > App License Status to install the trial license?


I have installed the Splunk App for VMware. However, I am unable to install a trial license as the "Fix" button referenced in the documentation does not appear.

It simply says "You have no license for Splunk App for VMware. Contact sales for a license.
Add or inspect licenses"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

VMware app document probably need a little more explanation about a demo license and "Fix" button.

  1. VMware app deploy a demo license only once.
  2. The "Fix" button will be available only when remote license master was set, and the remote license master does not have a proper VMware app license. If local instance is license master, which is default of first Splunk installation, then the app automatically deploy a demo app to local instance.

So, somehow, in your case, the demo license was created successfully, and validated the demo license already once.

Here is a possible scenario this may happen;
1. Install VMware app to Splunk instance which didn't have a remote License Master set
2. Login and check VMware app was properly installed (At this point, demo license is deployed automatically)
3. Now, you set remote License Master
4. Visit VMware app view, you can not find "Fix" button because VMware app cannot try to deploy a demo license more than once.

What you can do is; (Updated)
- Find a demo license ( vmware.downloadtrial.lic) from the local Splunk instance's $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses/enterprise, and take it out, and apply it to your remote license master.
- Contact Sales rep and ask for a Sales Trial License (This is unlimited size for a limited time. I do not know how many days. Probably you can request 30-60 days.) By the way, demo license is 2GB for 60 days.
- Download the app package from the Splunkbase, and deploy the app package freshly. You cannot override the package over the existing one.

Of course, it could be a bug. If you cannot resolve the issue by freshly re-deploying cannot resolve the issue, I recommend to file a Support case.

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