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Splunk App for VMWare DCN - Greater than 8 worker processes

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My environment has just patched the Splunk for VMWare app to 3.1.4. I have a new physical DCN with 32 cores. Is it possible to configure more than 8 worker processes for this one DCN, of 8, with a higher number of worker processes? The other virtualized DCNs do not have 32 cores. The GUI in the splunk for vmware application doesn't allow for more than 8 worker processes.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

DCN will not allow you to set more then 8 worker processes. It only requires 4 CPUs to collect data from about 40 ESXi hosts.

Please follow the standard guidelines (requirements) to create DCN:

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Technically possible. But, Splunk app is not officially supporting vertical scalability more than 8 workers at this time. Please create a Support case if you really need to do this.

By the way, horizontal scaling by adding more DCNs is better practice.

Scalability for 32 workers;
- Vertical Scale: One DCN with 32 CPU cores
- Horizontal Scale: 4 x DCNs ( 8 CPU cores for each DCN)

Using horizontal scaling, when one DCN is down, three DCNs are still available.