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Splunk App Server Vitalization Hyoer-v (Data are not showing in Dashboard)

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Dear All,

I am facing issue in Windows server 2012 hyper-v.
I have installed a splunk app for server virtualization in main splunk instants. when i am going on dashboard i am not able to see anything means. Raw data are coming but those are not migrating with app for server virtualization.

Is it problem with windows server 2012 or is it problem on configuration.

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I am having the same issue... it looks to me like the eventtypes are not working properly... under the servervirt:host eventtype it lists sourcetype=hypervisor:*:host as a filter, but in the HyperV app it lists search = sourcetype=microsoft:hyperv:host. I don't see where any sourcetype of hypervisor is created in the HyperV app, unless it is some kind of transform on the Servervirt app.

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