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Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux: Why am I unable to get past the Setup page?


I'm trying to setup "Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux" .

I have install the add-on manually on a forwarder and i'm trying to go through the setup and I select the items I want to enable and save it. Then it just redisplays the same setup page. It won't go further and there is nothing else to select. what I'm I missing or doing wrong ? Is there a command line component I need to do ?

Browser: chrome


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You can just use the CLI. For every inputs.conf stanza that you would like to enable, just copy that stanza header into a new inputs.conf file inside of the local directory and add disabled=false to it (NOTHING ELSE). Copy any other lines that you would like to change in each stanza and change them in local, too.

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