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Splunk Add-on for Tenable: How to troubleshoot why I am not getting any search results for sourcetype=nessus:plugin?


Hi ,

I am not able to get the Nessus scan data ( Only informational Events ), whereas the Nessus result has medium and high count.
Also, when I search for sourcetype=nessus:plugin, there is no result popping up.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi himapate,

Are you sure you have collected data of the nessus:plugin sourcetype? The add-on supports four nessus/tennable source types; make sure you are using the right source type.


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Yes i am collecting for the nessus sourcetype below is the stanza for the same in inputs.conf

metric = nessus_plugin
interval = 84600
url = https://:8834
access_key = 
secret_key =
start_date = 2016/01/01
page_size = 1000
index = nessus
batch_size = 0
start_by_shell = false
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Managed to get all the scan data but plugin issue remains the same

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