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Splunk Add-on for Kafka: "CredException: Get session key failed" setting up a heavy forwarder to forward data to Splunk Cloud

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I'm setting up a Heavy Forwarder to forward data from a Kafka topic to Splunk Cloud using Splunk add-on for Kafka. However, I'm currently encountering credential issue:

ERROR pid=23104 tid=MainThread | Failed to dispatch task to forwarder
Splunk_TA_kafka/bin/splunktalib/", line 77, in get_session_key
    raise CredException("Get session key failed.")
CredException: Get session key failed.

The credential that provided was the one used to log into the Heavy Forwarder (the local Splunk Instance).

Perhaps, I have set things up incorrectly somewhere. I find the official documentation of the Addon is quite confusing with a not so clear instructions. Any step by step instruction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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