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Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services 1.1.1 and Splunk 6.2.2: Why is $decideOnStartup not working?


I haven't previously seen this 'feature' and I've only seen it now because it's not working properly.

Some of my AWS Cloudwatch logs have the host name set to the literal string $decideOnStartup. From other Answers, I gather this was supposed to have been fixed in Splunk 5. Well, this is Splunk 6.2.2 and AWS TA 1.1.1 so it isn't.

I noticed during the setup for the AWS TA that $decideOnStartup was the suggestion for the host name, and assumed -- silly me -- that Splunk would go ahead and figure it out.

How is this supposed to work, and is it a problem with Splunk or the TA?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

please open a support ticket so we can diagnose.

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