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Splunk 8.0 Centos, Cisco ACI Add-on for Splunk Enterprise: How to get other APIC's populated in the host list?



Although I have added 5 APIC's to the Splunk integration list, I can see only 1 APIC populating in the APIC host list of Splunk.

Can someone help me figure out how to get otherAPIC's populated in the host list?

Splunk 8.0 Centos version installed


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Hi @aciadmin .. you meant to say "Cisco ACI Add-on for Splunk Enterprise"  ?

maybe, the subject line, you can edit the spelling and add tags, so that your question will reach appropriate people and they can answer you.


(i have got the 100 karma givers badge, have you?)

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Thanks Tagged Cisco ACI Add-on for Splunk Enterprise

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